FORTHEM international start-up days at JGU Mainz from September 14th to 16th 2022



An event of the FORTHEM Alliance in cooperation with the
Startup Center of the University of Mainz

++ Achtung Restplätze für Studierende und DoktorandInnen der JGU! Bewerbt Euch direkt bei (mit Angaben zu Eurer Person, Studiengang und Semesteranzahl und - falls vorhanden - kurze Beschreibung Eurer Geschäftsidee) 

bis zum 13. Juli und freut Euch auf drei spannende Startup Tage mit Studierenden von europäischen Partneruniversitäten ++

Can you check four of the five boxes above? Then you are the ideal candidate for our FORTHEM international start-up days at JGU Mainz.


During this 3-day course, a team of local and international experts from the FORTHEM universities will teach essential skills of entrepreneurship and starting a business. The attractive venue in the heart of Mainz will nurture your creative spirit and serves as a starting point for an exchange with local start-ups to learn from their experiences.

25 students from the FORTHEM universities will work together in small groups. Within the three days, you will have the opportunity to fictitiously start your own business to gain insights into topics such as understanding your target group, defining and positioning your product/service, setting up the operational processes and creating a promising revenue model.

Good English language skills (level B2) are required. The course is not suitable for business administration/economics students. The deadline for your registration will be 15th of May. The final decision whether your application was successful will be announced at the beginning of June. Feel free to send us your questions in advance via mail.

What will you get: Knowledge transfer from international experts in basic business concepts, creativity techniques, market analysis, key financials and modern ways of starting a business. Discussion with international students and experts in small groups. Practical application of the acquired knowledge including the chance to pitch your idea in front of a qualified jury.


Participation is free of charge. 


Who will speak and guide/train you (List to be updated): 

  • Prof. Dr. Anna Rosinus, Professor of Business Administration, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Mainz University of Applied Sciences, more information
  • Prof. Dr. Giovanni Perrone (Ph.D.), Professor of Business and Management Engineering at the University of Palermo, more information
  • Reija Häkkinen, Career Specialist (Entrepreneurship Education) University of Jyväskylä, School of Business and Economics, more information
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Mauroner, Professor of Business Administration, in particular future-oriented Management in SMEs, Hochschule Mainz University of Applied Sciences Mainz, more information
  • Prof. Dr. Dennis Albert, Professor of Marketing Management, Start-up Ambassador of Wiesbaden Business School, Co-Founder of Standsome and Thesiu, more information
  • Carolin Zisgen, interior design evangelist, accessories designer and founder of VacaVaca, more information




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