Explore the European Funding Landscape for Research – Make your Project Idea a Reality !

Date has been moved to 18th May 2022
9:00 – 12:15 (CET)

Online information event, hosted by Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Target group
Researchers, external partners, research support staff, students and administrative staff

The times when researchers could implement brilliant projects on their own and fully relying on institutional and national funds are long gone history in most disciplines. The major research questions of our time and the societal challenges we face can most effectively be addressed through collaborative research in transnational approaches. But such collaborative projects require a large budget. European funding programmes such as Horizon Europe are politically driven and follow a top-down approach. This is important to understand. Researchers and research managers in support units need to be aware of these political objectives and study the funding landscape carefully in order to choose the appropriate programme for specific projects.

In this information event we want to provide an overview on the current political priorities governing the European funding programmes. Major funding lines are presented and their relevance for the European University Networks is evaluated. The large framework programme for research and innovation Horizon Europe is of central importance, but it is flanked by a large number of smaller funding opportunities that can be of great interest for specific research areas. The funding landscape is becoming more and more complex and there is an increasing demand for projects directly leading to market solutions and social and technological innovation. Let’s try to find a way through the jungle together and help you identify the best programme to apply for.

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