Intercultural Sensitization – Gender and diversity in research and research management


9-12 am (CET)

Online Workshop hosted by the University of Burgundy, France and the University of Mainz, Germany

Target group: Researchers, research support staff, students and administrative staff



With a focus on gender and diversity in research and research management, we will compare the different approaches among the FORTHEM partners universities. By comparing these different visions and approaches, we will learn from each other and exchange our best practices in order to bridge gaps between universities. Is gender and diversity a central theme at your university? Are these issues supported by your governance? How can we cover the gap between the different approaches among the alliance partners?


Even though it is clear that very significant progress has been made in the past decades, many structural barriers to gender and diversity in research and innovation persists. To address these barriers, the FORTHEM alliance, following the European Commission’s gender equality strategy, is working toward increasing and strengthening the gender balance in the research and innovation fields.

In this workshop, our keynote speakers and experts from the FIT FORTHEM partner universities will present and discuss the different institutional approaches and will cast a spotlight on research work being done regarding gender and equality among the FORTHEM partners universities.  In the focus will be what the partner universities are currently doing from an institutional point of view, what actors are involved in the process, what academic support is provided regarding those questions, and what their expectations are from connecting and exchanging best practices with other experts and participants.

At the end of our workshop, we will wrap-up the conclusions from the presentations and the discussion to figure out a common agenda to develop, strengthen and increase the scientific and institutional attention on the importance of gender dimension into research and innovation among the partner Universities of the FORTHEM Alliance, and more broadly, among all European Universities’ Networks.

Target group

Researchers, research support staff, students and administrative staff

What participants will take away

They will learn from the different institutional and scientific approaches among the FORTHEM partners regarding gender and diversity. In participating in this exchange of best practices, all participants can gain different type of knowledge regarding this topic.

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