GET fit FOR YOUR FUTURE – the FIT FORTHEM online boot camp for Early Career Researchers

30 May - 3 June 2022

Five-day online workshop, hosted by
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and FIT FORTHEM partners

Target group
Early career researchers, researchers, research managers including administrative and technical support staff, students, and externals

Being an Early Career Researcher (ECR) means being in a crucial state of your professional career. You need to develop your academic independence, increase your visibility as a researcher, produce enough ‘output’, compete for grants, and gain international experiences. Many critical decisions need to be made in this phase. But have you ever taken a step back and thought about ‘What happens if my Plan A does not work?’ Do you have a Plan B or C? Being able to make conscious decisions is a great advantage and can lead to a more successful and satisfying career planning. The FORTHEM Alliance aims at supporting and empowering its ECRs with targeted activities when it comes to facing an increasingly complex landscape of possible work environments and conditions throughout Europe both in and outside academia. It is planned e.g. to set up tailored trainings to develop research-related and transversal skills as well as to implement possibilities to showcase your research projects to peers and public by organizing annual conferences, yearly open science contests or other formats. For these endeavors, we would like to enter into a close exchange with the ECRs but also with the research managers to discuss together during the boot camp how a practical implementation of these ideas could look like.

During the week, we would like to discuss what the needs of ECRs are, what requirements different labor market places on them, and what the FORTHEM Alliance can offer.

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